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YONGHONG Recognition Award For Innovative Enterprises 2018
YONGHONG Recognition Award for Innovative Enterprises 2018
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Do You Know All The Factors Affecting Your Auto Insurance Cost?


Companies are not allowed to discriminate. Therefore, in order to charge men more for their insurance premiums then women, there must be a statistical link – not a promotional discount.

Safety Concerns

Not only are women less likely to be involved in an accident, they also take more safety measures. Men are less likely to wear seat belts, and they also fail their driving exam on the first try more often then women.

As you can see, gender discrimination is not the reason auto insurance companies charge men more. Insurance companies are all about minimizing risk, and statistics are the best way for them to do that. If you are a male driver, driving safely and developing a safe history is the best thing you can do to get your premiums lower.

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