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Aluminum 6063

6063 aluminum alloy is widely used in the construction of aluminum doors and windows, curtain wall frame, in order to ensure high wind pressure resistance, assembly performance, corrosion resistance and decorative performance of doors, windows and curtain walls, the comprehensive performance requirements of aluminum alloy profiles are much higher than industrial Profile standard. In the range of 6063 aluminum alloys specified in the national standard GB/T3190, the chemical composition values are different, and different material properties are obtained. When the chemical composition range is large, the performance difference will fluctuate within a wide range. As a result, the overall performance of the profile can not be controlled.

6063 aluminum alloy is a medium strength heat treatable strengthening alloy in AL-Mg-Si system. Mg and Si are the main alloying elements. The main work of chemical composition is to determine the percentage of Mg and Si (mass fraction, the same below) .

6063 chemical composition

Silicon Si: 0.20-0.6 6063 aluminum plate iron Fe: 0.35

Copper Cu: 0.10

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